Dog Chase

I like dogs (generally) small ones are fine with me and I usually pass several on the way home from work out for walks with their owners.

Yesterday I passed a lady with a West Highland Terrier, I politely said “excuse me please”
I was going slow enough not to surprise her or the dog, they moved to the side to let me pass, the dog stayed with it’s owner very well behaved until I had got about 2 feet past them,

You could almost her the thought drop into the dogs mind

“mmm Ello Wabbit!”

Off he shot yapping and barking chasing me,

Now this is a tiny little dog and I’m in no real danger of being hurt, but neither do i want to be bitten or run the dog down so I stand up and sprint away,

The dog keeps coming,

I am away from him but he’s still chasing me,

About 1/4 of a mile later I come to the gate and stop to go through look round and the little bugger is still chasing me with his owner tagging along miles behind!

He runs up to me, knackered…. yaps, barks, sits down.

Stupid dog. I give him some of my water and wait for his owner to catch up.

This is the funniest dog chase experience I’ve ever had. They usually end in terror or being bitten but yesterdays was funny.

 Terrifying isn’t he!!

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