Saddle Joy!

I have been suffering on the road bike of late due saddle comfort issues. I do not have this problem on the MTB as it has an excellent saddle.

It is a Specialized BG Alias Performance Saddle it is hard as rock but very comfortable on the long rides, weighs about the same as a teaspoon and it looks great on the bike.

“So just swop saddles over” I hear you say.

“But” I can’t be bother trying to swop it from one seat post to the other seat post every time I want to change bikes.

So i’ll just suffer.

But in some wave of genius yesterday evening I thought I wonder if the seat post is the same size? Nah! can’t be MTB and Road won’t……. the……. YES!!

Get in!!

I know this is trivial but it means I can swop from one bike to another saving my ass! without having to payout for an expensive saddle and so staying in the Mrs’s good books, (always a good place to be)

So to celebrate I went a early morning 40K ride. Taking in some of the Epic Ride from a few weeks ago but today I felt great! I was strong I made sure I hydrated well and ate every 30mins. I’ve discovered the best bike snack giving the correct amount of sugar, carbs, fat, salt to keep you going all day,

Can you guess what this wonder snack is?

Mars Bar!

Evidence is here  & Here

It may not be the best for ultra athletes but for me at my level it works great (& is a 3rd of the price) So with my wonder bar and strong legs it was a great ride I did an extra 8km in the same time as I have previously done 32km so really pleased there’s some results from all these days of riding.

Pics of the ride.

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