hOLy mOLLEY tHaTs cOld!!

Testing Ice baths

A recent post by Rachel of Diary of an amateur triathlete Got me thinking if this crazy technique could be of use to me in my daily commuting & training sessions.

So following a 5k run with lots of sprint intervals mixed in I stretched and ran a very cold bath, Unfortunately I was low on ice so I just kept topping up the cold.

Stripped off,

Put a toe in

“ooOOOHH! That’s cold!”

I believe my wife’s exact words (as she stood there sniggering) were

“get in quick it’ll be easier you big wimp! he he he!”

So in I jump


That is shocking, I can’t breath…. testicles have retreated some where within…. 

A couple of gasping minutes later

ooooohhhh! It’s cold but it’s kind of nice!

10 Minutes later

My legs were numb,

I was very cold,( I’ll not go into details regarding my manhood but fella’s you can imagine!)

Warm jogging bottoms on and off to bed…

Got up in the morning and my legs felt, great, wait really great… long ride great!

Kit on out of the door!

40km later I still felt good!

Ice baths work! it’s a shocking but beneficial experience 

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