Beaucoup Rain!

Today’s commute confirmed a few things for me,

  1. My choice of wet weather gear is correct,

I have gone for the following:

Polaris jacket  (waterproof) Very comfy, vented underarms, sealed zips, rear pocket access. reflective strips.
Endura over trousers, shaped at the knee, velco legs straps, fully water proof. very comfy
 Seal Skinz Socks (not my legs) water proof socks
Northwave gran Canion Goretex SPD boots
Rucksack comes with its own built in rain cover
This combination left me feeling comfortable and mostly dry whilst riding to work in a torrential downpour, all of which is currently hanging in the drying room. Honestly the trousers are the best thing for commuting as they keep me so much more comfortable in the weather. Which today was terrible.
    2. People are wimps.
I was told that I was a fool for cycling to work this morning. To which I have the following few ranting objections! (warning rant ahead)
  • It’s only rain (given it was a lot of rain) but only rain!
  • This is why the good Lord blessed us all with water proof skin!
  • This is why people have spent years designing, testing, perfecting outdoor clothing like the above.
  • It’s still cheaper, healthier, more environmentally sound etc. to cycle even in the rain.
  • Do people think it didn’t rain before cars were invented?
  • When it rained prior to the invention and mass production of the car did people not go to work when it rained?

 No people just walked, rode their bikes and caught the bus to work and worked as usual, amazing no?

So I shall be making an effort to show how easy it is commute by bike what ever the weather!

Ride Hard!!

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