Bum, Bum, Bum, Bum,

Not much to say really too busy with work and just commuting yesterday and today,
I’ve given in a little more to the roadie styling…
I’ll explain.

I’m a mountain biker who also rides a road bike, I wear the mountain biking shorts and tops, helmet, gloves etc.

Until now I have not worn just cycling shorts on their own, I’ve always worn baggies over the top for a couple of reasons

  1. I’m a mountain biker it’s what we do!
  2. Fat legs bulging over the ends of tight shorts – no longer an issue I’ve got quite muscular legs now!
  3. I’m a mountain biker it’s what we do!
  4. The Mrs mocks me for flashing the bulge, but she mocks me anyway, so what the heck

It is so much cooler (temperature wise) to have just the cycling shorts on, this means that it is not as sweaty and my saddle sore issue is no where near as bad.

So Highwaymunky cycling health tip of the day:

  • Keep your under carriage cool for comfy riding!

I Thank you

(thought a picture of my own ass would get me kicked off blogger!)


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