Road Rage!

I have stumbled across this very interesting article regarding Road Rage between cyclist and car drivers.

Bike Rage By Charles Montgomery

I’m actually quite inspired and shall be drafting a letter to my local council & MP asking for more / any cycle lanes along my route to work.

I have suffered from “the rage” I always try to make an effort to be courteous whilst i’m on the bike, well at any time to say hello to pedestrians, nod’s and waves to fellow cyclists, a wave of thanks for waiting for me or wave a car driver out I think that it all can help but sometimes the red mist descends and oh dear!

A few months ago I was on my way to LBS going down a dual carriageway approaching some traffic lights.
The lights were on red and I gambled on them turning green as I approached.

They did.

I slid between the two lines of traffic and was out in front and in the middle of the lane before the 1st car had set off. I was turning right (we drive on the left) so I was in the middle of the right lane going about 20mph.

This idiot person (man) who was 1st at the lights, took some exception that he had to wait an additional 30 seconds to get round the corner and he was honking his horn and shouting to get out of the way & waving at me.

Being to calm considerate cyclist I am I gave him the bird and told him where to stick it!

We rounded the corner and he really gives it on with the horn!
So I slow down and ride in the middle of the now single lane road.

He’s hanging out of the window shouting obscenities at me and moves up so he touches my back tyre! I loose it!

I stop, drop the bike, rip off my helmet and had every intention of beating the hell out of him

He gets out of his car realises that I am half his age, very pissed off and a hell of a lot more muscle than he has.

He gets back in the car and drives off at high speed. I jump back on the bike and hitting speeds I’ve only ever got on a good downhill I give chase. After about a mile my legs have had it I’ve burned off my adrenaline and am just a bit shaken.

My reaction was so so wrong, I should have just kept riding over to the left and he would have passed me after the junction instead I felt threatened, I had been pushed and I pushed back.

I was cheeky for slipping past him but had I been on a motorbike would he have reacted the same? Dunno?

But I do know that things got out of hand very quickly at a time when I already had loads of adrenaline going it was very easy to slip into very angry I can see how things get out of hand so easily.

Like the article says if there were better provisions for cyclists and motorists then the incidents would be so fewer.

I for one shall endeavour to be more considerate and forgiving.


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  1. Munky: Really liked this article. I’ve been involved in various aspects of politics and lobbying over the years, and have recently been fair actively researching for an outlet to do some lobbying related to cycling. Put all of the knowledge to some good use.

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