In search of that moment

I have a longing,
It is for the epic,
I long for mountains,
I need to conquer,
I ache for that freedom,
Me & the mountains,
I desire to climb,
I wish to suffer,
I want to overcome what most wouldn’t consider,
I will to push on, push through,
I yearn to be pitted against the elements, to bend nature to my will,
I miss the wild,
I wish to meet God on the mountain again,
I have a longing,
It is for the epic.

4 Responses

  1. Good post mate. You ever joining us again for a spin out? We’re not far from you thursday

    Fat Lad

  2. Request for pass submitted!

  3. Ahh bugger! I’ll not be on this ride after all I got the dates the wrong way round. I’ll be at silkstone the week after…I’m going local this week instead due to work commitments. If you still go along you know how welcoming the club are and cut gate is a hard but fun ride

    Fat Lad

  4. Well if it’s silkstone next week I’ll try a get the missus to come too, she’s doing really at her riding. (getting good bruises too!)

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