New layout + Keep pounding!

For your viewing pleasure the Highway Munky blog has had a face lift! This is much more how I’m feeling about it right now.

I have a series of different headers I shall be putting up as an when the mood takes me!

What do you think?

Thanks to Jill for the nudge in the right direction and thanks to thecutestblogontheblock For the background. Cheers!

Keep Pounding!

Yesterday was a strange mix of real pain and absolute pleasure.

Pain first:
The pain was a shredding of my ankles by brambles and other nasty scratchy pointy things and then being stung by stinging nettles on those exact same places! OUCH!!!

This was because of the following:

  1. I am stupid.
  2. I am hardcore!

Stupid because having ridden through Wickersley gorse in search of single track fun! which I found (future post) I chose a line that took me through loads of brambles and I was wearing my very comfy but not so practical cycling sandals: which give me very exposed feet and ankles! It was one of those situations where you’ve gone so far that you don’t want to go back as you know going back will be bad and kid yourself that going forward will be easier…. it never is!

So having ridden, walked & carried my bike through nettles & bramble city I returned to near the beginning of the same track so what did I do?

Can you guess?

Yes I rode it again because good singletrack is in rare supply around my end and it was fun… I did go a slightly different route the next time which meant I had 7 miles of hills to conquer including the hill of death and pain in order to get to work but it was worth it!

So very sore ankles suffered again running through the fields at lunch time and also suffered on the way home when I got caught in a different bunch of nettles!!

To keep pounding at lunchtime has been tough this week but rewarding I’ve been doing sit-ups on the run and think it’s helping I only have large paunch instead of an XL one!

Weddings and party’s over the weekend so later Y’all

Also Don has been working really hard to loose some weight so drop him a comment of encouragement!

3 Responses

  1. Hey there, Munky. Thanks for the words of encouragement yourself. Getting there. Just polished off my bran muffin. 😉 Have a good weekend!

  2. The blog is a bit loud but I love the green and black.

  3. I like it! I need to give a hats off to Jill as well.

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