Hot lunch time run

Phew! it’s warm out there.
I know for those of you who live in the desert states of America it’s not hot as you but for this little isle where is rains most of the time it is hot!

25°C or 77°F

But it’s a hot 25°C,

Anyway 9km run with a 10minute break at my aunt’s house (on route) for a quick drink and a chat.

I felt quite strong for most of the run, I have the usual temptation to bonk at 2miles but pushed through and managed to get to 7km without stopping (aunt’s house) and then a quick glass of diet coke and off again up the hill back to the office.

I did catch myself doing what felt like jogging on the spot on the last climb, I drift off so easily when running into my own little world and then I slow down too much.

I’m varying running with or without ipod to but it makes no difference and I generally prefer to run with it.

Av HR 154
Calories burned 890.

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  1. Good job on the run!

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