Mountains! Real Mountains!

Me and my gorgeous wife managed to offload the kids onto her brother and fiancé for the weekend so we were all alone! WooHOO! (i love my kids but it’s nice to have a break)

Saturday I did some allotment digging and we went for a short run together and then we went to the start of a 6 weeks of revival meetings at my parents church, It was awesome the move & power of God there was awesome and last night was apparently even better, can’t wait until next week!

Sunday me and the missus got up late and headed out to Derwent for some proper mountain biking and we got it!

The 1st climb according to our map was a catagory 4 (I could ride but it’s faster walking, honest) catagory. We climbed / walked / dragged our bikes up the west side of Whinstone Lee Tor and mostly walking as it’s very rocky and you gain over 500 feet elevation in less than a mile!

But it looked like loads of fun for those flying down the opposite direction!

Once at the top the view of the climb was great and we got to ride on a flattish section for a while that was broken up with some very deep puddles and lots of drops, it was really quite technical to ride but a lot of fun (this is the view from there)
Then a short final ascent to the summit & it was so windy up there we didn’t stay long, Onwards and downwards we flew down the grit and stony track, it was really quite rutted from all the rain so picking the right line was essential and got it wrong several times.

A few off’s and shaken loose arms later we descended onto the road for a break for a few miles, past the gorgeous Ladybower Inn and left towards Bamford then over the dam and along the track on the south side of the resevoir. This gave me opportunity for as few more pictures.

(we were on the top of that not long ago)

We followed the track up to the far western side of the reservoir (the mouth of the river Ashop) and then cut back along the road for the last push back to the car.

(it’s suddenly just got rocky and I’ve only got one hand)

It was great to be out riding with Amy. So much fun she’s so cool she doesn’t brake on the downhills! I seriously could not catch her several times!

(I’ve got how many chins?)

Derwent ride
Distance 14 miles (ish)

min 625ft




Rating:loads of fun

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