Road Bike fit vs Mountain bike fit

This may be just because of a exercise hang over from yesterday but I changed my plan and broke out the Kona today (because its raining and I needed to have a change)

Now I managed to zip along at high speed for miles and miles which I was thinking was down to my increased fitness and stamina… Apparently not!

Getting on the bike today it felt so weird. The handlebars are so far away and it is so slow! the 1st mile was rubbish, the 2nd mile was OK, at the 3rd mile I turn off down the “hill of death & pain”

Woo Hoo!! I love my mountain bike again!!

Back up the other side I have to remember to sit down and climb rather than the roadie standing up style (no traction)

Yes the transition from road to mountain it a bit strange but within a few miles I remember why I love them both!


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  1. You’ll have to check out my road vs mtb post if you missed it. I was trying to ride the mtb like I would a road and it almost killed me… t was a hard mentality for me to get into, er, break, er, you get it!

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