In so much pain now!

Got up this morning for an extra long ride instead of the planned extra long run. But I had not planned on it being quite as long as it turned out to be.

5:30 Up and dressed, wheetabix + banana and out of the door!

Mile 8: I felt good and getting warm so stripped the arms off my jacket and ate some chocolate, sweets and lucozade then off again.

Mile 17: 2nd stop for more chocolate more sweets, banana and rest of the lucozade.

Mile 24: 3rd stop at post office for chocolate

Mile 35: 4th stop at shop for much needed food and lucozade (really feeling it now)

Mile 41 Arrive at office!

I had expected this ride to be only 30 – 35 miles not the longest ride I’ve ever done. I am proper crashing now, eating like a horse and could fall asleep on a pin head!

The ride was great overall I really enjoyed it at times when everything just clicked together and I was zipping along with no real thought on pedalling, steering everything was running in unison and it was awesome.

After about mile 30 it started to get really hard I could tell the glycogen in my legs was gone, mile 31 – 34 were hell! It was so hard to keep going. By Mile 35 my body had shifted to burning fat and the food i’d been eating and I could pick up the pace again.

The last climb to the office is basically a 1mile gentle hill but it felt like a mountain. I know that God was looking after me this morning because the usually insanely busy road I have to gamble crossing and can take up to 20 minutes to get across was empty! Thanks Lord!


Total miles 41.65
Avg Speed: 18.51
Calories: 2200
Time on bike: 2:15

Details of ride here:

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