Weekend Off!

I have the weekend off! that may not be a big deal to most but i’ve worked 7 days a week for the past 2 years and can’t wait!

Digging in the allotment and riding here we come!!

I feel the itch to have a really long ride I want to ride and ride and ride to get some where. Thinking the brother in laws 100 miles away sounds like a good distance to aim for! we’ll see what can be arranged!

I need to do a 50 mile ride 1st to see if I can ride that far because 50 to 100 miles is nothing of a jump! Pah!!

I have a burning need to achieve something on my bike just commuting isn’t enough of an achievement. True the two 25 mile rides I did this week tired me out but I was racing them, going as quick as I can. I want to go long!

I want to stretch it out so it’s like paper (what ever “it” is).

One Response

  1. WOW, 7 days a week? Enjoy your days off and I hope you get to ride many miles!

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