stretching it out

I went to bed last night having decided on a massive 36 mile route to work, I woke up this morning feeling like I’ll just ride the most direct route feeling very tired, when I set off I went the wrong way and thought I’ll just ride to the next village. What did I end up doing? I rode a 23mile route to work in 1:30 only stopping at 40 mins for a refuel on gel & snack bar then carried on! I just kept going past turn off options and kept going and going and going it was a great ride!

I felt very much in the zone today and I went a longer route to avoid a section of horrible slow road and in the process found hills!

Secret Commute Bike Race Club results for this morning are 0
I passed 3 riders,

  1. Old man in work boots on MTB
  2. Young guy on MTB
  3. Old guys on tourer

As I was riding road bike with hairy legs and helmet I get nothing! But was not passed by anyone and it was fun to chase them down.

So tired now! falling asleep!


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