Lunch time run Tuesday

Really wanted to go for a run but I was and still am feeling tired from this morning. But went any way just to have a quick 2 miler, it pass by nicely and I did it is 16:31 just over 8 minute miles is not too bad for a fat bloke!


I’ve pulled my Achilles tendon again on the bike this morning! I don’t do it on the MTB why do i on the RB? Seats at the same height pedalling the same but on the RB I pull my tendon but I can mash away all day on the MTB and not feel it at all!

Anyway it hurts!



One Response

  1. I really don’t know if this has anything to do with your achilles, but are the crank arm lengths the same? I have been setting up the position on my bikes the same, but notice the difference when the crank arms are not the same.

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