Weekly update

Figures for since the 9th June
Distance: 434.8 km
Average speed 18.6km/h
Time: 13:19:35 Yes that’s 13 hours on bike!

This week I’ve done 143.6 km

This week I’ve run

Todays run was 5+km with the old guys broken up with sit ups, leg raises, 5m & 12m up hill sprints x3 sets, up and down steps run 15 steps x3.
Sprints were hard but I was fastest and the run was good, I got into my stride early and just kept going keeping the same pace up and down hill felt great!

Feeling good about the running at the minute, also I’m finding that my lungs are starting to hurt. Well it feels like when I first stopped smoking (10 years @ 10 – 20 a day) and I’m getting lots of horrid gunk out too! I think this maybe my lungs starting to repair them selves as I’m breathing deeper when exercising than I have before.

Not sure what my weight is at as I’ve been eating loads of crap (chocolate, crisps, Chinese, wine!) but i can excuse this by exercising so much…. ish…. maybe…. probably not but never mind!

More riding more running!

On the bike I love the feeling for going some where on a bike, the tarmac and dirt disappearing under my wheels, the miles being conquered, I love to go far and fight hard for it!

On my feet I love the feeling of being so close to road, feeling I’ve earned every step and remembering how hard it felt to start with, feeling like I could stop at any minute and used to be such a pussy and quit when i was out of breath now only stop when I get where I’m going!

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