Where are you all from?

I currently get about 15 – 20 hits per day on this blog. Which is really cool but I looking where you all come from is great!

I use Google analytic’s and heres the map!

Country/Territory Visits
past 4
1. 216
2. 136
3. 20
4. 6
5. 4
6. 3
7. 3
8. 2
9. 2
10. 2

If you have time post me a comment saying where you’re from to help work out who is from where. (nothing sinister just curious I don’t want your post code or anything)

These figures are encouraging, as it means being in the UK it’s not just me refreshing the page to check for comments that accounts for the hits.



6 Responses

  1. Tom- Bristol, Tennesse, USA. I commute to East Tennessee State University. Show where is google’s analytics? I’ve never seen that before

  2. Don-Im up in the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area. It’s way up in the upper Northeast part of Ohio.

  3. I’m near the City of Bath, Somerset, UK.

  4. Tom, Register with google & it’s one of the products you can use.

  5. Gatlinburg, Tennesee,USA.

  6. Cincinnati Ohio. SW Ohio.

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