Riding & growing

Figures for since the 9th June

Distance: 291.18km

Average speed 18.7km/h

Time: 5:30:45

Riding this week has been pretty good and I’ve enjoyed most of it with the exception of binning it on the way to college on Wednesday on the slimy railway sleepers some genius decided to use as part of the cycle path! It was raining + wood = slime which means front wheel disappears under cornering. I smashed my knee & head. Head is ok (no sense, no pain) my knee really hurt and still does (just bruised though) and I’ve got a really good handle bar end shaped bruise on my hip!

Also fell off this morning but onto nice soft grass and I wasn’t going that quick. I was finding a new way to work. Lots of fun & fields.

We have also acquired an allotment for growing vegetables. It needs some clearing but in a few weeks should look great and we’ll get the beds made and everything ready for winter crops and planting next season. Hopefully we shouldn’t have to buy any vegetables next year!


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