Big K! & Broken Bits

Last week I got a nice fancy wireless computer for the mountain bike and stuck with Kona all week. here’s the figure:

Total distance: 154.45km
Avg Speed: 18.9km/ph
Total Time: 8:21:12

For our American cousins

Total distance: 95.3miles
Avg Speed: 11.7mph
Total Time: 8:21:12

Not too bad to say I was doing the same route to and from work with 70% off road each journey.

Mechanical Issues:

Noticed a bit of a bend in the rear mech, not too worried as it still worked fine but then I had to take the wheel off to cram the bike in the boot of our small family car and then I couldn’t get the back wheel on again.

Dismantled the rear of the bike to find the mech hanger is the thing that is bent! So a bit of gentle encouragement back to normal (using my really big wrench) and it bend back to shape and just as it reached the perfect position it….. [can you guess??]

It snapped! Bastard!!

Really flimsy piece of material not even metal all the way through!

It has not been replaced with something made from solid steel, Good old solid iron working!! It weighs twice as much but looks and feels like something built to last…… it will need to be with the thrashing my fat ass will give it!

During this process I noticed my cassette seemed to have build up of grass and stuff around the smaller rings, so being the diligent bike fettler I am I set about giving it a good clean…..


Massive fields of hay! Dirt!, Stones! Sand! Mud! All sorts! There was an entire agricultural industry living in my rear cassette.

It looks very shiny and new now.

Pleased to report all gears working correctly now.


2 Responses

  1. Yea! Your bike is much happier now, I bet. I love the wireless bike computers–very clean look.

  2. Hey cousin, thanks for the conversion!

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