Saved by a cyclist.

Had to get into work early today. I was up for half the night suffering from hay fever and eventually transplanted myself to the sofa so my wife could get some sleep.

So I set off 05:10 to have a nice 30 minute ride to work followed by shower and at my desk by 06:00…. It was not to be. After 3 miles the back end of the bike went all rubbery and loose on me nearly binning me into the middle of a roundabout. ….. Flat!

Oh well ‘ce la ve’ Kit out and change the tube.

Tube changed off we go.

100 yards later, back end of bike all rubbery again….. another flat!!

Now at this point I need to relay where I am coming from. I work at my local bike shop and claim to know about cycling. I cycle to work and back basically every day & also do it for fun. I have a garage full of spares and bit & bob’s and loads of puncture repair kits and repair stich on patches.

None of which I had with me….. IDIOT!

So I now have to ride home with a flat back tyre probably wrecking my rim in the process. Swop bikes and pedal like a maniac to get to the office in time. Gutted.

But wait, what is this? coming over the brow of the hill is a fellow cyclist,

He looks,

He waves,

“You alright mate?” He asks.

“have you got a repair kit I could borrow?” I beg

“No, But I’ve got a spare tube you can have!”


God bless that man, with many miles of happy puncture free riding. You’ve got to love the generosity of people some times. I certainly do this morning I was only 20 min’s later than planned into work rather than hours.


One Response

  1. I’ve been in the same situation before and have also been saved by fellow cyclists. Now I’m just waiting my turn to be the savior cyclist.

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