Whats going on.

Sorry to all of you who come to glance at this blog to see if i’ve been arsed to write anything new and left unfulfilled I apologize. I have been away with the family last week.
What’s been going on:

1. Twin six Fat Cyclist jersey has arrived (already posted this but it’s so exciting it’s easily worth 2 posts.

Me in Jersey:

Oh, you want to see a bit more….. ok then.

More… you cheeky devil…. ok then!

Ok it’s not a great pic but the jersey looks and fits great and love wearing it.

Oh. Got a bew bottom bracket for kona.

Old bottom bracket.

New bottom bracket – Gold…. very “pimptastic”

New BB on Kona. It looks the business no?

Riding. I managed to do a 30+mile ride on Saturday morning in 1 hour 50mins! Really stoked. I’ve got to keep working at that and am aiming to get it down to 1 hour 20mins.

A more incite fully thought provoking, theologically cycling related post (read random pile of rubbish) later.


4 Responses

  1. The jersey is sweet. I’m still a little pissed at myself for not being on top of things and getting mine ordered right away.

  2. Nice new jersey! I love shopping!

  3. Bro… You said cheeky. Nice. Yeah, I was on at 1:00 SHARP and the were sold out the second the site went live. It let me put it in the cart, but by the time I entered my info the were gone…

  4. Yo the jersey fits me so good too!

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