It finally arrived! So excited!

I am on holiday at the moment and have been all week hence no posts:

Driving through the beautiful Hamsterley forest near Durham I hit a deer! I nearly soiled myself and the kids thought it was strange that there was a deer on the bonnet of the car. The deer fortunately got up and ran away. unbelievable…. but true.

It has finally arrived! My fat cyclist jersey is here! I’m wearing it right now! the postman dropped it off 5 mins ago. (hence the blog post!) It looks great. The fit is perfect. Cheers Fatty & TwinSix! I’ll post a photo later (when I’ve had time to clean my self up and do some sit ups… so vain)

I’ve just done a 30 miles in under 2 hours on Pinni. However the cranks started to work them selves loose of the bottom bracket meaning my big chain ring was useless after 20 miles. Fortunately got it home before the cranks fell off or seized!

Done lots of gardening, got sun tan, loved being with family. Very happy.

Later y’all


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