Commuting & Gear

I have had some clothing and equipment that I have used, abused and replaced over the past 12+months commuting / cycling and thought I should do some gear reviews.

SixSixOne – Gloves.


I was ragging my fingers to pieces using the cheap fingerless gloves during my off-road commute and. The brambles love me! So full finger gloves were recommended to my by the guys at the LBS so I went for the ones that matched my bike. (Pimp I know!)

The have been very comfy, I’ve used them for hundreds of miles and hundreds of days. They have no padding but give an excellent feel of the grips and brakes, they are well vented when opening up your fingers whilst riding but thick enough to handle all but the coldest days. (I am quite warm blooded though)

They have eventually given up when I put my finger through them last week. With these equally pimp gloves:

Excellent gloves 9/10

*Note I have cut the fingers off the old ones and now using them as road gloves – waste not want not*


Shimano XT shifters & long cage derailleur

These were the stock items that came with the bike. I’ve just swapped them out for SRAM X-9 shifters and medium cage.

I have done thousands of miles with this XT set and they have been really good. They are light and efficient and over the course of 18 months the only problems I have had have been relating to sticky / stiff cables.

The triggers are responsive and there is the defined click down and clunk up when changing.

The derailleur is smooth in its action and quick when changing up. I have had a few problems with the length of the cage clipping rocks hence why I’ve gone for the medium cage.

Great gears: 8/10


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