Death By Cyclist!

On my way to college yesterday along the lovely tow path, I took quite a few pics yesterday it really was nice.

Just as i was ducking under one of the bridges a fellow cyclist was coming the opposite direction, we were both travelling at some speed!

Situation lays out thus:
2 cyclists travelling towards each other.
Pathway 3 feet wide
Head room at bridge side 2 feet
Edge of pathway is at water level

Basically there was no way we would pass each other without one of us going in the drink!

I anchored up and chose to ditch into the wall, snapping the shoulder strap on my lovely animal messenger bag in the process but this probably saved my shoulder.

He came to a screeching halt up on his front wheel (good disc brakes) and then came to rest with a wobble an inch away from me.

We both looked at each other for a moment and then I smiled and thankfully so did he.

“That was close” we both agreed.

We shuffled past each other and were on our way.

I have been thinking how cold must that canal be, but never got as close as that to finding out before.

So with my damaged bag & injured ankle (which is killing today – a pulled Achilles tendon I think) I limbed off to college. Pinni was in one piece so no really harm done.

This of course left me with the situation on needing a bag for the day. Now I’ve been eyeing up new bags for commuting for a while but now I needed one so off to Decathlon I went for a 25 litre bag that has hydration pouch and sufficient repair kit storage.

Used it today and very happy with the fit and capacity. So if you need a commuting ruck sack that’s tough, Camelbak style but at 1/3 of the price go for this.


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