Going hard, having fun

(Note from Munky: Dropped below the 14 stone mark yesterday so i’m changing the banner to get rid of the fat!)

Yesterday was all about the pain!
My ride to work was a training ride, these for me are 20+ mile rides on the road bike ‘Pinni’ as quickly as possible. Yesterday was 22 miles lovely cold country lanes through hamlets and villages (no photo’s too busy pedalling)

22miles in 80 minutes which averages out at 18mph. So I’m quite happy with that performance. I felt strong for the first 15miles then felt in serious danger of bonking! But i kept drinking and eating a bit and kept up the rev’s all the way to the end.

I’m trying to block out the pain of my legs and push through it to get to that stage of fitness where i can ignore the pain and just keep going. Any suggestions appreciated.

Today’s ride was an early one but almost all off road and loads of fun. I dropped the air pressure in my RockShok Tora 318 forks which greatly improved the comfort and speed of descents. I’ve been running them far too stiff.
I really want to get proper fit, just to be strong enough to conquer hills and rides with out dying at the end and to maybe race?

But for today i’ll enjoy the quiet fields and tracks of my commute.


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  1. To quote the great Eddy Merckx “Ride your bike. Lots”

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