The Affair

She was new and interesting and I guess I couldn’t help myself.

It didn’t start out to be something, I never intended it to go so far but it did.

I didn’t even realising it was happening until it was too late.

I have been having an affair.

I have been cheating on my lovely faithful mountain bike Kona with a road bike….. and now I’ve been caught!

I have been trying to convince myself I’m just a cyclist, what type of bike i ride doesn’t matter.

This is a lie!

I am a mountain biker, Kona bless her cotton socks (if she had socks)

Gently took me to one side and showed me that I’d been ignoring her.

I’d kept her on the road and away from what she loves.

I’d kept her on the tarmac and away from the mud.

I was wrong.

She has taken me out and reminded me of my 1st love, she said I know what you’ve been doing and you are a fool.

She showed me that joy of the trails, switchbacks, woods, tracks, brambles.

Reminded me of my true cycling joy.

Reminded me why.


That is why!

She looks good in mud too!

Well they have decided to share me. Pinni (the road bike) shall be used for training and the commutes to college (if she got stolen i’d be sad, but if Kona was stolen i’d probably die….. death by wife!)

Kona shall be used 4 out of the 7 days in the week and we shall ride to the mud, dirt, rocks and be forever happy.

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