Tow Path Trundle

(Note from Munky: I’ve done 5 posts today as I’ve had the time and been meaning to post these for the past few days. Enjoy)

College day yesterday, So the plan was to ride down to the train station, get the train through the Sheffield and then ride to college & the reverse for on the way home.

I thought if I get to the train station nice and early then it won’t be too busy and I’ll have no problems with the bike.

I arrived at the station and the next train going my way was in 45 minutes time! So I thought I’ll ride along the canal towpath and get the tram of train further down the line.

I arrived at college in exactly 45 minutes! Home to college 1 hour at a steady pace Awesome! I’ll do that again.

The towpath was a great ride, it’s 97% flat track I had no problems riding it on Pinni so long as I looked where I was going and avoided the big rocks. It was lovely to ride so far without worrying about traffic, junctions etc. Just to amble along at a nice pace saying hello to the fellow cyclists & fishermen early in the morning.

This is a great ride and I will definitely be doing it again next week

Photo’s are not the best (camera phone)

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