Biggest Ride ever

This was the longest ride I’ve ever done. I’ve been planning it for ages for a couple of reasons.

  1. I get to go and see my brother who I don’t see nearly as often as I would like.
  2. It’s a good excuse for a really long ride.
  3. 34 miles of country lanes on a glorious sunny afternoon… Awesome!

Wednesday lunch time I packed the kids and wife off out, got my kit on, checked Pinni over slapped some sun cream on and was off! The weather is the best we have had all year, roasting hot, light winds it was perfect for a good long ride.

I set off and felt really good, IPOD on shuffle and the miles easily passing by. I could have gone a more direct route but I wanted to stay on the country lanes and away from heavy traffic as much as possible. After about 10 miles just when I wanted to check the best way to go from this tiny village in the middle of no where I realised that I had forgotten my maps… Bugger….. Also lost my phone earlier in the week so had to borrow the wife’s which only had minimal power left so no Google maps from the mobile….. Bugger…… Bugger……

So following a short pause for thought (read breather in the shade) I decided that so long as I kept heading south and basically stayed near the motorway I should get there eventually.

There was a strange transition during this journey I wasn’t racing to get there, I wasn’t trying to beat a previously set time or anything time related I was just going for a long ride enjoying myself.

The North Nottinghamshire country side is gorgeous at this time of year everything growing like made,

By the time I’d made it to Bolsover I am getting pretty hot and worried about getting burnt so a quick pit stop at the chemist for sun cream and I was back on the road, covered in what can only be described at a magnet for dirt and flies!

By the time I actually arrived at said brothers house I was filthy, disgusting sweaty, wearing an interesting assortment of flies, hot, knackered and grinning!

Total distance 34miles

Total Time 3:01 hours.


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