Baking the mule

Note from Munky: (I’ve decided to name my bikes, I have Kona – Kona Kula MTB & Pinni – Pinarrelo Road Bike) It’s tragic I know… sorry.

During the weeks holiday I spent quite a bit of time out riding Kona with the kids in the child seat. On the Tuesday I dropped the Little lady off at school, ran home carrying the little man to get the bike and then we pedalled our way to his swimming lesson in the next village 5 miles away and pedalled back. It was:

Great, to go so far with him and talk about everything we were seeing.

Scary, there was so much traffic so we stayed on the pavement the whole time.

Hard work, so much extra weight on the bike is tough up hill.

Painful, it was the hottest day of the year so far and I didn’t have time to get any sun tan lotion on myself by the time we had picked up the little lady from school and walked home I was cooked like a Sunday roast!

Unfair, He got to have a sleep on the way there whilst I was pedalling away!

Also took the little lady to school on the bike which she loved!

I love taking the kids on the bike and they enjoy it too. It’s great to share something with them that I love and it’s a good family fun event.


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