The amazing incident of the exploding tyre

Had a great Holiday got in some quality riding with the kids including all day yesterday at Hamsterley forest – Durham and a good long ride to see my brother and his wife.

But to the matter in hand. At the moment my son loves to help me fix things especially bikes! Having kids is cool!

He was helping me to change the tyre on a project bike (a commuting bike to eventually be sold / given away) The tyres we were putting on said that you can inflate up to 85psi but i thought 60 would do fine. So we pumped up the tyre together and then as I was holding it between my legs the inner tube exploded! Ripping the side wall of the tyre and deafening us both.

I was stunned at first, then began to realise what happened and checked my legs (wearing shorts at the time) and my gentleman’s area to ensure there was no damage…. All OK.

It was so loud! It must be like being hit by a flash bang grenade! needless to say the little man nearly jumped out of his skin and we sat there ears ringing for a good 5 minutes.

Now every time he sees an inner tube lying around he starts chattering “Loud! Scared! Don’t like it”

But didn’t stop him hitting the tyre with a hammer!


One Response

  1. This sounds eerily familiar… hmmmm.
    Glad to hear your holiday was nice!

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