Ride or commute?

Is there a difference between a ride and a commute when you are going from home to work or the reverse?

I think there can be. I’d classify a commute as the following:

  1. Follow the most commonly ridden route between start point and destination
  2. Takes the average amount time for your normal commute (25 – 30Min’s for me)
  3. No unnecessary planning required

A Ride therefore is breaks out of these norms and is usually more fun.

I have been trying to turn more of my commutes into rides in order to get fitter, bring up the off road skill level, get some more miles in and because I love being on the bike!

The early morning rides are certainly getting better, I’m feeling fitter so am quicker, The weather is warmer so it’s more comfortable riding. (I only had cold toes at the end of the ride today) The spring time scenery is gorgeous, new lambs and everything!

If you commute to work and back it is just another commute and when you commute by bicycle it can get quite draining to do the same route every day over and over again. In a car often people switch off and it doesn’t register that they have done the journey. We don’t have that luxury on a bike.

How to turn your commutes into rides!

  1. Go Faster! – Try and beat you best time to work or home (home usually has a better incentive to go faster)
  2. Go further! – Check out MapMyRide or GoogleMaps for alternative routes to and from work. Get a few in your head or printed out and then mix and match! I’ve been commuting for about a year and I have a dozen or so routes to and from work to choose usually 5 – 20 miles.
  3. Go off road – This is dependant upon location (city guys may struggle with this) Off road provides new challenges routes.
  4. Go with friends, Try and get someone else who you work with to ride and meet up with them for an early morning ride / post work ride.
  5. Go light weight – Take all the stuff you need for work in on a Monday and then you ride with *no bag* etc.. .. all week and bring it home Friday.

*No Bag*

This is the best thing about the Go light weight approach because if I don’t have a bag on my back so I instantly feel like I’m just going for a ride and not a commute. Plus if it’s windy you don’t have a great huge bloody sail on your back slowing you down / dragging you into the middle of the road.

Less commutes & more rides = more enjoyably cycling experience.

Time on Bike: 64mins
Mileage this morning:15
Mileage Total for April: 340
Mileage total for May:15


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  1. I have to say, your commute looks a lot more scenic than mine but those are good tips none the less.

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