I took in some of the Trans-Pennine-Trail (TPT)on the way to work today. For those that don’t know the TPT is a cycle route from the east coast of England to the west coast. It just happens to go straight past my village and I go on it every day on the way to work but I’d never tried this section as it goes the wrong way but in the interest of scouting it out for my good lady wife to ride I thought I’d have a look.

It’s a pretty cool ride down there, Gorgeous scenery it is basically nice fast track (you could fit a car down it but it’s not open for vehicle access)

My heart rate monitor is now telling me that my optimum fat burning zone is between 111 and 141 bpm which is basically just dawdling pace for me, but the change of pace is good with my taking it steady week and I’ve really been enjoying the scenery of my rides.

Due to work commitments I’m not going to be able to do the planned Triathlon at the end of May but I am still aiming to do one by the end of the summer so I’m going to keep up with the training, contact the local Tri club (sheffield) and get involved a bit.

Time on Bike: 90mins
Mileage past 24 hours:16
Mileage Total for April: 332


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