Left Hook!

Oh My GOD!! I forgot I nearly got left hooked yesterday (right hook for those who ride on the right we ride on the left in the UK) I was pumping away at the pedals going up a mile long up hill dual carriageway when a woman in a generic hatchback pulled up along side me indicating and to turn left into the approaching side road, I just kept pedalling as I’d got into a good rhythm and I didn’t really register what she was wanting to do until she started to move over, pushing me further and further towards to pavement, only when her rear side door touched my handle bars and I’d got about an inch from the kerb did I banged on her window and shout “Oi! move over!” She do the following:

  1. Crap her self!
  2. Steer wildly back out into the other lane
  3. Stare at me like I’d just magically appeared on the road!
  4. Receive a good sound piece of motoring advice from myself.

“Pay attention!!”

She then seemed incapable to working out how she was going to get up this road having now missed the turn and for a second I could have sworn she was going to stop and reverse back….. but thankfully Bill & Bob her 2 remaining two brain cells, kicked into life and directed her away to a turning point.

I then kindly waved (full hand…. not the finger *that’s what you were thinking*) and she just stared blankly at me and waved back.

I’m pretty sure I would have just bailed onto the pavement and got away with road rash, but it was pretty darn close.


One Response

  1. I had the same thing happen to me a while back. Guy didn’t see me until I slapped my hand on to his car

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