Cycling blogs seem to be everywhere (on the internet…. Well within the blogosphere) they are so varied, interesting and well written and all seem to be equally passionate about this hobby called cycling….

Yes I used the word “hobby” this word when related to my cycling life makes me want to sit up and break something screaming “It’s not a Hobby”! But if cycling is not a hobby what is it. I gave this some deep thought, a second or two later I decided that cycling is a disease!

Hobbies are making model airplanes, collecting stamps building ships in bottles etc.

Cycling becomes all consuming and breaks you down and changes you.

It starts with a ‘sniffle’ I think I’ll cycle to work occasionally save some money on fuel and get a bit fitter maybe loose a but of weight.

So you dig out an old bike and jump on pedalling happily to work, wearing loads of layers because it’s cold outside thinking you will be fine and arrive a hot sweaty, sore ass’ed mess. But happy that you have done it.

Here is when the headaches and runny nose kick in……You see that cycling is clever it has seen this before once you’ve done a few rides 1-2 weeks maybe just past the point where you ass has got used to the saddle and stopped hurting all the time you will want to go faster!

This is where is you start to get real flu like….. Faster requires you to be fitter, to be fitter you need to ride more. You start to really enjoy being in the saddle. You will find money leaking out of your pockets and you wardrobe of what you wear reducing and becoming more cyclist like, shorts will appear regardless of the weather, breathable wicking materials become preferred. It’s a quiet transition but its happening.

By now you are in serious state and probably should get to hospital because cycling has consumed you, it’s taken over. The reason you get up an hour earlier is not to get to the office but to have a an extra hour on the bike, You eat less and eat healthier not to loose weight so you look good, you do it because it’s less weight to carry on the bike, you’ll be faster.

Do you see the flip of the coin there? It starts as I’ll cycle to get fitter and healthier now it has become I’ll get healthier and fitter to improve my cycling! I’m not doing 20+mile rides in order to get slim (well not entirely) I’m doing it to improve my pedalling action to get the climbing technique and muscles working at peak condition.

Nope cycling is not a hobby it is a disease and it is terminal…. For me anyway.

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  1. Hi. Please join the Bicycle to Work! LinkedIn networking group. Members pledge that they will try to ride their bicycle to work or on an errand at least once a week. Although the benefits should be obvious, let me outline them here.

    Right now people in the industrialized world are facing two very grave problems: obesity and a growing scarcity of oil. Compounding this problem is the new food shortage brought about, in part, by the conversion of food cropland to bio-fuel crop production. Most people feel powerless to help, but there is one thing that we can do. Ride our bicycles to work.

    If everyone would agree to ride their bikes to work one day per week we could cut oil consumption by as much as 10-15%. No one would argue that riding a bike burns more calories than driving the car. Although popular politically right now, most bio-fuels consume more energy than they produce. We would be much better to eat those bio-crops then use our own energy to transport us around.

    So spread the word. Make it a movement! Bicycle to work one day a week and do your part to cut back obesity and the overuse of oil and precious cropland.

    Just go to my profile at and you can click on the group to be included. While you are there, don’t forget to ask to link to my network of more than 7,000,000 like-minded professionals. I accept all invitations and look forward to meeting you.


  2. Dude, I cycle every day! But good one for getting out there for the cause.

  3. Yea, I love to ride but running has consumed me for most of the winter. I need to ride more.

  4. Munky! You are so right man. I was just out today trying to take a hill. So I jump out of the saddle and think “Hmmm, this is no good. I don’t feel it.” So I sit back down and start busting my ass up the hill, my calves felt like they were going to fall off, then and only then was I happy. I eat better because I feel better, and when I feel better I want to ride, riding makes me feel better, so I’m encouraged to eat better to ride better, so as… you get it, right? It is exactly what you’re saying. It’s addictive, it’s passion, dare I say its zen?

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