Oh Bugger

I have become so skillful and such a cycling expert now that upon my arrival at my LBS (local bike shop) I was waiting for the manager to arrive I was cycling round in circles to keep warm having blasted the 5 miles to work in a respectable sub 20 min time (it is almost all down hill) I was feeling pleased with myself and my improving fitness and speed.

I look the part, I ride well and I am a cool mountain biking commuting cyclist.

I come to a stop in front of the shop, unclasp the left foot and stand down…..

I then start of over balance to the right……. (the right foot is still fastened to the pedal)

I try to correct this but only manage to continue my fall to the right,

I now try to unclasp my right foot in order catch my self and perform an excellent cyclist shuffle!

Now for those who do not know the act of removing ones’ foot from the spd pedal whilst in a panicked usually falling situation i have decided to call the “cyclist shuffle.”

Imagine if you will a person stubbing out a cigarette on the floor (Olivia newton john in grease style)
Now you have this image speed it up by a factor of 150% and add the shear panic of a deer in headlights coupled to the imminent arrival of pain such as watching something heavy fall onto your toes and you just watch and the toes won’t move out of the way!

Put this together and you have the emotions and actions of the “cyclist shuffle”

The Shuffle failed!
I land on my side still attached to my bike with a loud bang and shout of “Ouch!”

At this point the 5 LBS’s colleagues and 4 customers and the manager all fall over them self’s laughing their asses off at me writhing on the floor.

The embarrassment level was pretty high.

Bike Training:
Time on bike:120Min’s
Knee comfort during & after 8/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: I dare not look!
Mileage past 24 hours: 24
Mileage so far this month: 225

Running Training
Time on the road:28 Min’s
Knee comfort during & after 6/10


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