Week End off

We had the pleasure of a friends wedding this weekend so with the exception of a 20 minute blast to the bike shop on Sunday no exercise has been had. I’ve also drank and eaten like a starving man at the wedding and I’m feeling it now. A steady ride in this morning as I feel quite fat and lethargic and I had to bring all my work clothes and running clothes and food for the week with me which meant my rucksack weighed a ton!

How ever maybe i earned the weekend off, as on Friday I ran 7km in the morning cycled the 12km to work, ran 5km at lunch with a few guys from the office at a much better pace than I previously shaving 5 whole minutes off my time for that 5km run to 28mins! really stoked about that one and then the 12km ride home.

I felt beat Friday night but really pleased that i managed to do it all and that at the end of the runs i still felt strong!

Bike Training: Friday night – Monday morning
Time on bike:75Min’s

Knee comfort during & after 8/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: I dare not look!

Mileage over the weekend: 19

Mileage so far this month: 201

(Funny cartoons from Cartoon Church)


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