Feeling Strong

Cycling update:
The ride home yesterday once all the snow had gone was hard work, a head wind that followed me which ever direction I turned all the way home and a big rucksack like a sail on my back really slowing me down all the way.

Running update: Well after the disasters of Wednesday and out doing work things until 23:00 yesterday I did not expect to feel really great today. But I did! I got up and went for a run expecting to stick with my previous 4-5k but my legs felt good, my trainers when I got the laces tied to the right feel were brilliant and I just kept going and did over 7k in the end and I could have kept going but needed a drink!

So a quick change and off to work on the bike, a good 12k to work still feeling really strong so come lunch time I went for another run with a couple of guys from the office and Wow! they went at a good pace and on a run I previously stopped a couple times to stretch (read have a breather) I kept going with them and did the 5k in 28minutes 5 whole minutes faster than my last time!

Feeling quite tired (probably due to the office being like a sauna) now but so pleased with my performance.

Another 12k home, off road I think today to mix it up.


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