(Note from HighwayMunky: this post is not a wind up this actually happen)

You will not believe the past 24 hours it has been unreal.

Yesterday I went swimming in the morning and whilst getting dressed i managed to rip the under carriage of my jeans so that they were basically in two. pretty bad and embarrassing!

I then had to walk through the City Centre with people laughing at me to the sports clothing store.

Wait 45 minutes ass freezing off for them to open.

Just as the opened a car raced up the side of the store being chased by 4 police cars, crashed through a fence and crashed into a church. 2 guys got out and legged it with cops chasing them.

I then had to wait and give a account of what I’d seen and explain the nice police man about my jeans who… Yes he did laugh! thought it was funny and let me go!

Clothing changed I felt better,

On my way home I stopped to use the public toilet at the bus station and (this is really horrible) an old man (60 – 70years) walked in saw that both toilet cubicles were in use so said “bugger this” and had a shit in the urinal…. 3 feet from where i was standing! whilst i was having a pee! (which took forever as i was desperate)

So i hightailed it out of there asap. distgusted and a bit shaken by what had just happened. I quickly leave the bus station and walk through town and walk right into a fight (thrown punches and everything) between a further 2 old men because one guy had parked his Jaguar on the double yellows and the other old flat cap wearing pensioner took exception. The non driver basically dragged the ‘Jag’ owner out of the car and they started hitting each other a shouting.


So by the time the family picked me up I was a nervous wreck!
And then i noticed that the a significant chunk of my watch had fallen off, the bit that helps to keep it water proof.

Feking Fantastic!!

So…. when i woke up this morning looking forward to a nice ride to work to blow away the cobwebs of the disturbing day yesterday what did i see.

Snow and ice are not consistent with a nice steady ride to work, they meant freezing cold! wet through and blasted with freezing slush by every passing car!

Good thing is I got some decent running trainers as my current ones have had it really.

Nice new running shoes, very comfy, I will hopefully try them out later.

Bike Training:
Time on bike:22Min’s

Knee comfort during & after 9/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: 14.3 stone or 200.02 pounds

Mileage last 24 hours: 7

Mileage so far this month: 182


2 Responses

  1. You give no clue as to what part of the world you are located, maybe that is the idea……

    It looks like Kentucky, but those choice of words are South African, but they don’t have those roofs.

    Are you an English speaker in Turkey?

  2. English speaking in England (UK)

    It;s nice to be thought of as cryptic


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