1st Swim

Now it’s not actually my 1st swim ever.. I can swim fine, well thats not quite true.
I can swim from one end to the other with very little grace or style and swallow only half of the pool in the process.

Swimming 200m in open water with racing excitment seems like quite a long way off I did manage to swim about 800m over the space of 30 minutes with stops ever 50 – 75m for a breather but I felt good after doing. Ponds Forge (picture above) has great facilities and the pool is huge. Very cold but huge!

The problem i’ve had before when going swimming is that i pull my hamstring due it being weak following my ligament replacement surgery last august.

Triathlon Training: Time on bike: 25min (in the pouring rain)
Knee comfort during & after 6/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: 14.3 stone or 200.02 pounds
Mileage last 24 hours: 7
Mileage so far this month: 182

Time in pool: 30min
Distance: 800m
Technique: 2/10
(1 being drowning and 10 being fish like)
Target 200m in 5mins!!


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