Crime & Punishment

The Crime:

Yesterday was Monday which meant dinner at our good friend’s house, the food is always gorgeous and I always eat too much. Try as I may to restrain myself and I did try the sheer taste sensation that was Ruth’s curry over whelmed me so I had seconds and ate what the kids left too.

The Punishment:

Up at 5am,

Dressed by 5:10,

20 minutes of stretches and 40 sit ups,

Pack the bag and on the road by 5:45am,

33k of riding through beautiful country lanes broken up at the 25k mark with a lovely 2k of single-track and bridleway as a break from the road riding.

I did this ride about 2 weeks ago and was really knackered by the time I got to work but today I felt strong and made my self stick to regular food and drink breaks eating a bit of energy bar every 25min and making sure I drank every 15min at least. Drank 2litres of water + energy drink powder which I find kicks in after 10 minutes and really helps to get some life back in tired legs.

The country side is beautiful 1st thing in the morning with the sun rising over the hills and the frost lifting off the grass as mist. Once on the tracks the sun was up and warming my cold hands and legs I felt so good, especially as last time riding up here was very slow hard work but today was at a reasonable pace but still hard work!

Suffered with frozon numb toes and finger this morning, oddly it was only my little finger on my left hand but all my toes were numb (due to sock too thin for the weather) but the hot shower at work reminded me to wear thicker socks next time.

Frozen toes + Hot water = AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!

The title is not really right for this post because if it is a crime to eat too much lovely food and you are punished by going for an excellent morning bike ride… then chain me to the wall!

Bike Training:
Time on bike: 150mins

Knee comfort during & after 6/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: 14.3 stone or 200.02 pounds
Mileage last 24 hours: 30
Mileage so far this month: 175


2 Responses

  1. Hey there. Like the blog, probably will do the cliplesses (heh heh heh, cliplesses). Anyway, what do you do for energy drinks? I’ve yet to find one I could really get into.

  2. My favorite at the moment is SIS PSP22 Sports Fuel Sachets. Just mixed with water, the tropical and blackcurrant flavors are good. But i’d avoid the watermelon.
    I use them because they are super cheap from the bike shop i work in (the joys of staff discount)

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