Good Muddy Fun

Friday’s ride home was a great ride and proved 2 things to me.

1. I am not where near as fit as i would like to be or even think I am.
2. My new tyres ROCK!!

I decided to go for the full XC ride home all the tracks and paths from the office to my house which is about 7 miles of single track and bridle path! it’s a great ride (if you have the legs…. which i don’t at the minute)

The going was good to start with quite muddy but the tyres shed so quickly and grip so well I just kept plodding along quite happily.

I went down some running route to avoid the farmer with the shotgun who objects that I ride past his house. Then down Thorny path to connect to Carr lane. Thorny path was quite good as it is too early in the year to be fully over grown and you but is dry enough to ride at some speed.
Once on Carr lane it was a case of keeping the legs pumping to get rid of the acid and keep up the heart rate:
(it’s all about the fat burning heart rate at the minute)

Then turn down the Hill of Death & Pain (reverse) and really enjoy the ass hanging over the back wheel fast flowing decent a quick skid and over the bridge, drop to the granny gear and hunker down for the long climb. My heart was jumping out of my chest my lungs could not work hard enough and my legs were screaming to get rid of the battery acid pumping through my veins by the time I’d reached to top. It’s a screaming 1.5km down and up that is brilliant to do either way. So when i reach the top to take a photo (read have a breather) I realise my water bottle is missing! Bugger!

Some would say just to leave it but I didn’t want to get into trouble and I like that water bottle so turn around and back down we go chasing my deep cut up hill track all the way to the bottom, over the bridge, drop the gears and back up the other side scanning the ground for my life giving water. Was it near the bottom……no, was it 1/2 way up……no, was it basically at the top of the hill… of course it was!

Having taken a moment to ponder which route I should take home from this point (read have a breather) I decided to go along and have another bash at Horse Track Hill. So aptly named as the horses make the riding of this track very rough due to the hoof tracks.

Pootling along the road looking like I’d just fallen face first into a large muddy puddle I was the entertainment of the passing motorist!

My legs seem to have come to life now and the attack up horse track hill was quick and fun and the decent so much better now that my tyres grip like they should and better. I had my leg off the pedal bike leaning over going round the corner a a fair rate of knots with no sign of slide of slippage. Through the stream under the motorway and back in the saddle for the long haul uphill (only 3km really) But it was so muddy that it beat me and i had to walk for 50m to a level drier section.

(section that beat me)

Once at the top I was feeling knackered but invigorated straight up on to Sheep Dike lane and then 1.5km left then home.

It was a good ride, took me about an hour and I was very muddy by the time I got back. Excellent!

Training update:
Lunch time run:

Time on road : 34mins
Knee comfort during & after 7/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10
being no problems)

Distance 4.8km
Run Elevation:


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