Award winning cycling innovation

Mr Michael Chen of London (England) has created a cycling jacket

The Reactiv jacket uses an accelerometer to sense movement, changing the colour of LEDs on the back from green when accelerating, to red when braking.

A “tilt switch” in the jacket makes LEDs in the arm flash amber when the wearer lifts their arm to indicate a turn.

Mr chen said : “My prototype had lights taped to it that everyone thought was pretty ugly. But when I put the wiring inside, it looked more normal.

“Riding around London, people wave and chase me down the street, asking, ‘Where did you buy that jacket?'”

How cool is that jacket! It’s a commuting cyclist dream! It looks good, tells the idiots behind the wheels of their cars, vans and HGV’s what you are doing day and night!

This in my opinion is a genius invention and I hope it goes into full production! I want one!

Bike Training over weekend:

Time on bike : 120mins
Knee comfort during & after 6/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10
being no problems)

Weight: 14.2 stone or 199 pounds
Mileage over weekend: 25
Mileage so far this month:

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