The Addiction

(Horse Track Hill)

I see people who ride their bikes for necessity,
there are some who ride for fun,
there are those who ride to get fit
as well as those who ride to win!
there are those weekend warriors
there are those who’s lives revolve around their bikes
there are people who commute
there are people who only rode as children

Who am i amongst this lot? where do I fit in?

I ride because I love it I ride because I’m addicted to it. I don’t want to make money off it, from it ,through it, I don’t want to be the fastest, best world beating, I don’t need to do the best tricks, stunts or jumps on it.

I just want to ride my bike, put on my ipod and ride pound the miles of tarmac and track, up hills down hills, through woods and fields, sand and rock, grass and roots,

The perfect turn of the cranks, the shadow of the cyclist out of the saddle on the ground before me, the feel of the road, conquering the miles.

Just bring me the horizon it’s not as far as you think it just takes a little time to get there and I’ll see everything along the way.

To just ride.

(Top of Hill of Death & Pain)

Bike Training past 24 hours:

Time on bike : 80mins
Knee comfort during & after 8/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10
being no problems)

Weight: 14.1 stone or 197 pounds
Mileage Yesterday: 14
Mileage so far this month:


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