Gear Review

Training Update:

Rest day yesterday and do I feel better for it…. No not at all I ache like mad it took me a good 10 minutes of stretches to get my self going this morning and my legs still feel rough from the run on Tuesday but another must be done today to keep up with my training.

The problem is that I think my body is still shock from having demands made of it but I am starting to feel better.

Going for the full 5K run today

Time: 30mins
Knee comfort during & after 8/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10
being no problems)

Weight: 14.1 stone or 197 pounds
Mileage in last 24 hours: 7
Mileage so far this month:

Gear Review:
New Stuff I have tried recently

Yeti Grips:
These grips are easy to install, I never has any problem with slippage or movement. They are not that comfortable without gloves and I found them to be a little big for my hands. They look good but not the best. 6/10

Maxxis Ignitor tyres:

Tire Size 26×2.10
Bead Foldable
Max PSI 65
Weight 615g

I have run these tyres for 12months and done hundreds of miles both on and off road on them. I they have given me an excellent riding footing, they grip well in the mud and shed very well.
I have had very few punctures found them to be stable and fast. An excellent tyre. 8/10

2 Responses

  1. And oddly I found those Maxxis Tyres to be some of the worst I’ve ever had. Punctured like crazy for me

    Fat Lad

  2. Slime my good friend Slime, It weighs a ton but keeps the old thorns at bay.

    How ever I do believe there was some sort of voodoo on my tyres as when i changed there were 3 punctures in the same tube, but it had been fine for weeks! weird no?

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