The Target

I was going to be doing a team triathlon with my Dad & Brother in June but due to unforseen circumstances this is not going to happen, which is quite disappointing as I was looking forward to it. My Dad was going to do the Swim, Me the bike ride and my brother the run but alas it is not meant to be this year. So I’m going to do it all my self!

Yup this fat bloke on his nobbly tyred mountain bike is going to do a triathlon.

Either: Community Super Sprint Distance Triathlon (200 metre swim / 10km cycle / 5 km run)

Or: Sprint Distance Triathlon (750m swim / 20km cycle / 5km run).

I not worried about the cycle for either or even the 5km run as I have nearly 2months to prepare for the run it’s the swim that worries me so later this week I will be going for a swim to see how far I can go.

I think I’ll go for the Super Sprint distance to test the waters and if I like it then we’ll see.

So training begins in earnest today with a run!
Update later.

Time on bike : 60mins
Knee comfort during & after 8/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10
being no problems)

Weight: 14.2 stone or 199 pounds
Mileage so far this month:
104 (going to try and aim for 100mile weeks)

Details at: rother-valley-triathlon


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