Psychology of the Cranks

There is a sports psychologists technique for imagining your self fitter, imagining you self conquering the things that stump you this is a sort of imagine what you are going to do and then do it and you’ll be better than if you’d just done it.

This is said to work for aspects of sports but I have found that it is consuming in cycling,

Imagine if you will (close your eyes if it helps) pedaling the cranks round you push down and tilt your foot up, as you reach the bottom of the stroke your foot rotates to point toes down and then your legs pull back up foot lifting up to point to the sky at the top of the stroke.

Now take 5 minutes and just think of this imagine looking at your legs pumping round and round think of the feel of your muscles and the order of the push and then pull with each leg,

Do this a few times a week and then see how your pedalling is on the bike.

I have been cleaning hills that would have had me walking before keeping a consistent pedal stroke has improved my efficiency over rough ground and clocking up the miles on the road.

Here endeth the lesson. Please settle the bill with my receptionist. Thanks

Time: 33mins
Knee comfort during & after 7/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: 14.2 stone or 199 pounds
Mileage so far this month: 62

I’m starting to regain some muscle structure in my legs! Get in!!


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