Fat Munky Rides again!

Back in the world of the blogosphere! I have returned from a working stint in the mud back to a cycling life (thank you Lord) I am no longer the slim(ish) athletic specimen i was last year (pre site work & pre buggered knee)

I was last week a 15 stone or 210 pounds of unfit non cycling bacon sandwich and chocolate eating wobbly stuff!

I should be and am aiming for 12.5 stone or 175 pounds. This is the target once at the target I shall remove the embarrassing graffiti off my blog header.

Diet and training begun about a week ago I have been on the bike commuting 3 days and 3 training / leisure rides.
The problem with going from being a lean cyclist to a fat one is clothes.
Hardly any of my clothes I used to wear fit me. Non of my smart work clothes do either but that’s not important.
So new cycling clothes it is well new shorts in XL (oh the shame!)
All my cycling clothes are so tight i look like ridiculous! But as the Fat Cyclist says the best way to loose weight is through embarassment.

So the rule is keep riding and don’t eat your won body weight in chocolate, crisps and bacon sandwiches every day!

The plan:

To ride my ass back into shape (no chance of other sports due to buggered knee!)
Eat sensibly weetabix, soup, dried fruit and fresh fruit at work and weight watchers meal in the evening.

I’m still running my beautiful Kona Kula (love my bike)
but now we have a sexy white Specialized saddle to match
the white on my bike. (pimp my bike i will!)
Distance today:11km (to work also got to do 10km 
Time: 30mins each way so should have a total of 1:05 hours riding today
Knee comfort during & after 7/10
(1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)
Weight: 14.5 stone or 203 pounds

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