The further reaches of the dark side.

Swopped the Litespeed bike for my mate Jamies Giant SCR1 today as he’s off snowboarding for the next few weeks lucky boy.
Damn his bike is much more comfortable than the Litespeed so much easier to ride up and down hill even though it is quite a bit heavier with all the lights and mud guards on it (it’s his summer commuting bike) I much prefer riding it to the super light carbon racing bike!
Going out for ride in the morning thinking I will be going for a longer route 20miles in less than 1.5 hours.

Distance today:16km
Time: 45mins (20 mins to work and 25 home)
Average Heart Rate: 148bpm
Knee comfort during & after 5/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)

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