Return the the blog & journey to the dark side.

I’ve been ignoring my blog basically because i’ve been too busy to spend any time thinking of things to write and have only ridden three times in the last month. But I have now been out and the reason for this is to get fit again as i am doing a triathalon in the summer with my Dad & brother and will need to do 20k in about 30mins to keep up my end so really need to get fit. Yesterday I went out on a road bike for the 1st time and did 19.5k in 50mins (including a 7/8min stop for drink and snack). So I need to shave a lot off my time as well as get used to riding a road bike (they are weird – hence they are the dark side) I could not get comfortable holding the handle bars and being able to brake at the same time which lead to one slightlyt frightening incident going round a corner and nearly into an car! Had some one tried to over take me on the corner I would have been buggered!

So blog to become training type log. Also I need to get to the physio to do work on my knee (busted ligaments last june) as it hurt like hell yesterday and it is no where near strong enough.

Distance: 19.5 k
Time: 50 mins (not including the break is cheating)
Average Heart Rate: 160bpm
Knee comfort during & after 3/10 (1 being can’t walk and 10 being no problems)

I have been using a Litespeed Pavia Pro Road Bike:

Which is very light and quick i just could not get comfortable with it so I am going to swop it and on Saturday try to borrow the Raleigh AIRLITE Carbon Road Bike:

One of the guys at my bike shop said it was a better more comfortable ride. we shall wait and see.

But I am looking to purchase my own cheap road bike for training I’m hoping to get an old one for about £30 and set it up as a a single cog on the front to build up the fitness and strength. I quite fancy a Raleigh Banana Race Bike!

How retro is that!

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