The Tuesday Pootle

Having been struck down with serious case of man flu over the past week and the horrendous finger injury the week before I’ve not been getting in my required saddle time so the Tuesday pootle was going to be a good one. Especially as I had borrowed the new 2008 specialised stumpjumper expert from work for a few days to try out.

The Bike:
It is a cracking bike, fast on the flat, brilliant down hill, good on the climbs quite a different experience to my Kona Hard tail.

Suspension: Awesome the Fox forks are responsive easily adjustable and took some serious drops and hits in the stride and just kept going. The “brain” for the rear shock is brilliant on the down hills and rough stuff it is confidence inspiring so that after about 30 Min’s i was jumping every lip and drop just because i could and the bike just responded to my every whim.

Transmission: SRAM X-0….. In a word Wow! rapid fire shifters are well positioned and very responsive and the change is not a slide or gradual change but a bullet from one cog to the next which forces you to go for it every time.

Weight: It weighs just the right amount to feel strong but light enough to throw around.

Brake: Avid Juicy Ultimate 7. Want to stop on a dime? What to know what it’s like to under estimate your breaking power and introduce you gentleman’s parts to the stem? Then these are the fellas for you!

Whole experience was great! Over the next few weeks I will be borrowing other bikes to try out on the Tuesday pootle.

The Ride.

What a great ride some fantastic downhills and charges through woodland single track but i forgot to bring my legs with me and was really suffering on the climbs after about 40Min’s. But the legends that are the Bad Brains Mountain bike club boys waited for me and with the constant support and encouragement from Big Al I was able to drag my ass up the hills but felt so tired afterwards don’t know if it was the cold I’d had the week before or lack of sleep due to night shifts but I definitely need more power in the legs for next week.

Some training tomorrow at the physio and a short ride on Sunday should set me up OK for Tuesday.



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